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Our Philosophy

C² Ventures takes a chain-agnostic approach, making early-stage investments across all major layer 1 and layer 2 ecosystems.

We focus on empowering builders with the capital and operational expertise to build and scale the next generation of Web3 and Metaverse applications.

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Our Competitive Edge

Global Network + Deal Source

Our team has built years of relationships and trust with founders and developers across all chains and verticals, granting us first access to elusive deals globally.

Core Connections To Dynamic Liquidity

We have an intimate understanding of the ins and outs of exchange listings and we’ve collaborated with the world’s top centralized and decentralized exchanges, which allows us to help projects navigate a wide range of liquidity channels.

Endorsement of Crypto OG

C² has been recognized by first tier strategic investors and financial investors since its establishment.

Investment + Incubation Strategy

Our team has taken projects from idea stage all the way through global expansion, so we take an active role in our investments to ensure their long-term success, from token design and community building to marketing and business development.

Proprietary Knowledge And Insight

With market research and due diligence at the core of our experience, we’re able to help our portfolio projects define both micro and macro-level strategies backed by deep analytics.

Global Vision And Resources

With a decentralized working style, C² members are scattered across all crypto hubs in the world with in depth connection with local government, communities and developers. Investments made with global vision and local perspective.

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