Our Team


Ciara Sun


- Ex Head of Listings, Investments, Incubation, Global Markets, Partnerships and Institutional Business at Huobi Global 
- Ex Management consultant at Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte
- Ex Financial Services Tax, Advisory at Ernst & Young


Chern Chung


- Ex Senior Director of Listing and Global BD at Huobi Global
- 10 years of consulting and management experience covering global business strategy and investment

- Ex Head of Investment North America, Huobi Eco Fund ($1B AUM)
- Managing Partner at TKX Capital ($25M AUM)
- Ex Investment Director, Foxconn HCM Capital ($300M AUM)


Will Wang


- CoinBase (NASDAQ: COIN) product lead on L2 & Interoperability
- CoinBase Product lead on new asset listings, custody and integrations

Tech Venture Partner

Jai Prasad


- Ex Head of Huobi Blockchain Incubation
- Led community building and KOL collabs for 100+ projects per TGE
- Ex Global Marketing Lead at Huobi


Travis Hu

IMG_8678111 (2)_edited.jpg

- Senior Software Engineer at Google, with 8+ years of experience in delivering software solutions
- Worked in a wide spectrum of the stack, from consumer facing web applications to large scale logging infrastructure

Research & Tech DD

Yuwei Tan